The protocol consists of a number of procedures, of which using the Beck generatoris the most important and effective.Other treatments are only to promote the benefits the use of the Beck´s generator.

During a public lecture (19 October, 1991 - link to youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMlXd9hLpcY) Bob Beck presented his results.

There are no known adverse side effects, because Milliamp currents produced by Beck Generator are much lower than those used by devices for muscle stimulation devices approved by FDA, TENS, CES etc. which have been in everyday use for many years.The device should not be used by people, who have implanted pacemaker or defibrillator.

The system delivers stimulationsto the normally circulating blood through electrodes placed on the hands.The optimal point for electrode placing can be reliably determined by feeling the pulse.The therapeutic microcurrenthas a very low amplitude and using the device according to the instructions does not create any discomfort.Battery prices are negligible and the user typically after 20 to 50 days reaches an astonishing "spontaneous remission" also from many incurable diseases.You will not need any doctors, medicines, or other interventions.

It is proven that the application has no harmful side effects on healthy cells or tissue.The main obstacle to this apparently simple solution is the distrust and the fact that a person must take responsibility for his own health, which in today's society where we are taught from childhood to only seek cures to our sicknesses from doctors  - sounds simply incomprehensible for many people.

The contemporary medicine has no actual knowledge of these procedures.

According to Beck's opinion, based on many years of experience with thousands of patients, the use of neutralization, approximately 8-20 minutes per day for about three or four weeks, effectively neutralizes more than 95% of any viruses, bacteria, fungi - microorganismsin the blood.

In case of severe infections transient worsening of the patient's condition (overloading the body by toxins and waste resulting from death of microorganisms - Herxheimer reaction) can be avoided by shorter application times.The body must be given time to get rid of toxic waste through their elimination.It just takes a few days or weeks longer.The remaining problems will then be solved by restored immune systempacked with new vitality. In special cases of impaired circulation, perhaps due to diabetes longer times of action may prove to be suitable.

Residues and immobilized viruses can be expelled naturally through the kidneys and liver.Faster neutralization is readily possible but Beck does not recommend it due to already-mentioned potential unpleasant reactions while eliminating toxins.The number of T cells may initially decrease (due to decomposition of the affected ones and their subsequent harvesting by macrophages), but within 90 days they should again rise to the normal value.

Some users may, of course, after the "spontaneous remission", want to talk about this, certainly not purely theoretical method with their doctor.Nevertheless, believe or not electrotherapies have been vigorously suppressed or ignored completely, so that a forced mistrust towards them has developed.The pharmacists have been trying to discredit the electro-medicine ever since 1910.

But as – now already deceased - Bob Beckused to say:

"Take your health back into our own hands!