He worked over thirty years in the electro-medicinal research. Beck used the principle of electrotherapy using micro-impulses - known as Beck's "blood purifier" - Blood Purifier. The Beck blood purifier produces frequencies that destroy key enzymes on the surface of microorganisms thereby preventing them from bacteria and virus replication. His protocol, developed in the years 1991-1997, was originally intended for people infected with HIV, but proved effective for the treatment of all kinds of infectious diseases as well as cancer.

The discovery of the liquidation of pathogens using specific frequencies and low voltage current is attributed to two physicians who patented this kind of destruction of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens in blood (see the patent here: http://www.google.com/patents/US5188738?hl= cs # v = onepage & q & f = false ) Owners of this patent have proposed to perform electrification of blood either through the dialysis when the contaminated blood leaves the body and then adjusted with micro currents returns again into the body, or through fixed implantation of electrodes directly into the bloodstream.

Bob Beck, an experienced electrical engineer, studied the relevant patent and decided to try to duplicate the therapy in a non-invasive way - that is, using the electric current from the outside,

without interfering with the body. He decided to deploy the electrodes directly on the skin over the arteries and veins extending sufficiently close to the surface. It had occurred to him that the current of 50 to 100 micro amperes can occur directly in the artery by electromagnetic induction, which would allow the electrode to remain throughout the therapy on the body surface without the need for implantation.

Dr. Beck has developed a method of electrification (cleaning) of blood using microcurrents by the non-interference in the human body. Electrodes are simply placed on the wrist. Beck began to use his new device on himself. Originally he placed electrodes on an artery near the ankle, then he changed their location several times; he also tried two places on the shoulder, and eventually found that it worked equally well when he placed electrodes close to each other on the elbow and the radial artery directly at the wrist (where doctors traditionally touch heartbeat). To find the proper place and to align the electrodes directly over arteries it is advised to find the pulse of each artery carefully and to indicate its course by marker. Then simply set the electrode distance on the generator and you can start.

Bob Beck found that microcurrents produced by this generator (Beck Generator) are effective on most of the "ballast" in the blood – i.e. they destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens that should not be present in your blood. He prepared a protocol (procedure), which has already been tried by millions of people worldwide. Beck Protocol is the low-cost methods of treatment, which – according to the author beliefs – is never going to be accepted by medical science because it is not profitable.

Dr. Beck fought for a revolutionary approach in the human self-medication that presents a safe, natural and at the same time cheap solution to infectious disease without any intervention of doctors. His long-term clinical tests confirmed that this method can be used successfully to combat all viruses, cancer, hepatitis, lupus, colds and most other infectious diseases. Including those for which there are currently no antibiotics, vaccines or treatments available.

Bob Beck offered this discovery as free information to anyone who wanted to be healthy again. He never benefited from this information, he never sold anything. He applied no financial claims for his procedures.

The blood electrification using the Beck´s microcurrents has never been so simple and not limiting. You can purchase the Beck generator in the form of watch, made in the EU with CE certification (i.e. no Asia product) also here.