New product of the year 2016. The Czech company introduced a completely unique Beck generator in the form of watch. It is a completely revolutionary solution that allows a person to use medicinal Microcurrents transmitted through harmless rubber electrodes into the blood without any restrictions. During the process of cleaning blood from pathogens you can perform normal life activities ... isn´t it great?

This website contains the information about a real function of this generator as the manufacturer indicates the plant growth stimulation as the primary function of the product. Due to the EU regulations, it is apparently necessary.

But can anyone forbid you using the plant growth stimulator for your health? To destroy the pathogens in your blood, according to the procedures of Dr.Sc. Bob Beck?

Do it and you will find out what the current medicine hides from us.

The generator power supply: 3V (CR2032) battery available in almost every electronics store. One battery lasts for 5-10 hours of continuous operation.